Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Beware Bush Meat

Well, I'm not overseas yet, but it's good to know that the state department's got my back. I got this e-mail this morning.

"The U.S. Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya would like to alert American citizens of dangers related to the purchase and consumption of bushmeat and of general contact with animals that could place humans at risk of infectious disease.  It is estimated that some 75% of emerging infectious diseases are animal-borne.  The encroachment of humans on animal habitat for new farms, lodging or eco-tourism is increasing the frequency of animal-to-human contact, and thus, the transmission of disease.  Several cases of disease transmission have been linked to exotic pets.  In this area of the world, the consumption of bushmeat now reaches 4 million tons.

"Due to recent developments in the availability of beef throughout  Kenya, there is an increased risk of unintentionally consuming bushmeat.  When the 2007 Rift Valley Fever outbreak here led the Government of Kenya to ban the slaughter or movement of livestock for a period of time, a
number of butcheries began selling illegal bushmeat as an alternative. The continued high demand for red meat has outstripped the supply of beef, providing yet another reason for a turn to the much cheaper bushmeat.  This month, the Kenya Wildlife Service intercepted a matatu bound for Nairobi Central Market with 450 pounds of gnu and zebra meat that was to have been sold as beef."

Monday, July 30, 2007

Other resources

Hi folks,

This blog won't get up to full steam until the middle of August, when I take flight. Once that happens, you can also check out http://www.jhr.ca/fieldnotes/index.php?view=section&iid=9447&sid=55 to see my posts on the JHR website.

Also, please comment on posts, once there is something worth commenting on. I'd be glad to hear from you.

Peace, S

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Buying Time

I am hereby selling off some of my time in Kenya. For just $50 ($100 on holidays, my birthday and my stop-over in Dubai), you can buy yourself half an hour in East Africa, via my eyes and pen.

What you get: A great letter, with lots of descriptive language and awkward sketches (They make great birthday presents! Christmas gifts! Valentines!)

What I get: A chance to write to you and an emergency fund. I am also willing to consider adding additional dates, if you�d like me to write you a letter on your birthday, anniversary, commencement, saint day or other significant date! Here are the dates (premium days in parentheses):

August 16 - evening (in Dubai)

August 19 - evening

August 23 - early morning

August 25 - morning

August 30 - evening Josephine

August 31 - early morning Fay

September 3 (labor day) - early morning

September 8 - afternoon

September 9 - evening

September 15 (Ganesh Chaturathi)- early morning Fay

September 17 - evening

September 23 (autumn equinox) - Noon  Josephine

September 30 - morning

October 8 (Canadian thanksgiving) - early morning

October 11 - evening -Richard S.

October 20 (Kenyatta Day, Kenya) - morning Josephine

October 31 - early morning Nikki K.

October 31 - evening Fay

November 2 - early morning

November 11 (Remembrance Day/Veterans� Day) - morning

November 11 (Remembrance Day/Veterans� Day) - afternoon

November 12 - early morning - Djahane Banoo S.

November 13 - evening November 22 (US Thanksgiving) - early morning  Josephine

November 30 -early morning Fay

December 2 - afternoon

December 5 (first day of Chanukah) - evening Fay

December 14 - early morning

December 16 - afternoon

December 25 (Christmas) - early morning Josephine

December 25 (Christmas) - morning

January 1 - (New Year�s) afternoon Fay

January 10 - evening - Rich T.

January 19 - afternoon Josephine

January 19 - morning

February 2 - afternoon Josephine

February 14 (Valentine�s Day) - early morning

February 14 (Valentine�s Day) - evening Fay

March 6 (my 30 birthday) - early morning Josephine

March 16 - evening Fay

March 27 - morning

If you decide to buy some time, send me an e-mail at sara_nics@yahoo.ca with your snail-mail address. I'll send you a guarantee and an address to which to send a check.

I promise to write your letter (complete with awkward sketches).

I can�t promise the efficiency of international postal systems. If you don�t get your letter within six weeks of the date of composition, let me know and I�ll write you a new one! Whether you buy time or not, please please please send me mail at

Sara Nics c/o African Woman and Child Feature Service

P.O.Box 48197 00100

Nairobi , Kenya

Also, if you�re in the �hood this weekend, my roomate Elena and I are having a joint going away party on Saturday night (the 28th). Stop by!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Through the Canadian International Development Agency and Journalists for Human Rights, I'm working the African Woman and Child Feature service for 8 months. I'll be living in Nairobi, one of the sub-Saharan Africa's busiest cities.

If you want more information about the various programs, you can visit:




I hope to regularly post work updates, photos and other information to this blog.

If passport and visa applications go smoothly, I'll be flying out on August 15th. Check back soon!